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"Center Mass and Center Mass Universe transcends the boundaries of musical concepts by creating a unique audio experience engineered to move the human spirit through multiple dimensions and space where time ceases to exist."  


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Check out our latest tracks- Full Studio LP to be released on 9/17/2023

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What Makes Center Mass Instrumental Music So Unique?


Center Mass Universe seamlessly blends moody post-rock, trance, and electronica, creating a distinctive and transcendent sound. Comprised of Slovenian musicians Uros Borsic and Todd Krasovetz, this Arizona-based duo employs their music as a vessel to explore profound philosophical and scientific concepts. On their self-titled album, they showcase their gift for crafting haunting soundscapes and intricately composed pieces.

By seamlessly integrating organic instruments with electronic textures, Center Mass Universe achieves a perfect synthesis of human and technological influences. Their music bypasses logic, directly speaking to the human spirit and guiding listeners to higher planes of consciousness.

When asked to describe their creative process, they explain, 'We aim to transcend boundaries through musical portals, traversing multiple dimensions and spaces where time ceases to exist.'

Despite their unconventional style, Center Mass Universe's epic instrumentals remain instantly accessible. With memorable guitar hooks, evocative soundscapes, and constantly shifting time signatures, the band is establishing itself as one of the most thrilling and unpredictable acts in instrumental rock.




Center Mass Universe Music Review - What was really unique to me (and what I loved) about your music, was that your tracks (especially Time Irrelevant) use typical “rock” instrumentation while working in a dance/instrumental trance arrangement. It’s so cool and unique - I can really see your music being used in possible sync opportunities, such as movies and video games and television shows. 

There is a huge market for this style of music. Overall, this is such a cool song! Honestly, it’s one of the best I have heard on here in a while. I love the rock-style of the instrumentation combined with dance and trance style of the arrangement. It worked really well!” 

                                                                                                                                  Kara Greskovic — Professional Music Critique, Engineer & Producer - Nashville, TN

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